B2B Enterprise Sales & Marketing

Assess performance challenges and optimize sales and marketing performance with best practice insights and guidance.

Accelerate Growth and Avoid Mistakes Common to Business to Business (B2B) Enterprise Startups

Startups that focus on business enterprises as their customers, including software, hardware, and services, have unique sales and marketing needs. Finding product market fit, generating quality leads, and marketing to the right target audience are all typical On Tap requests.

Our consultants leverage their decades of executive experience to support our B2B clients’ goals, which include optimizing revenue, margins, and sales performance of new and existing services and solutions.

Our experienced executives work alongside your team to build a successful sales and marketing strategy and help you deliver on that strategy efficiently and effectively.

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Rocky gunderson

Rocky Gunderson

Senior Partner and Sales and Marketing Consultant

B2B enterprise startups have a unique set of sales and marketing needs. We are hyper-focused on the ones that bring the biggest benefits to our clients."

B2B Enterprise Sales and Marketing Benefits

Identify and overcome challenges, plan to take quick action, and connect to a strong global network to help make it happen.

Advantages for B2B Enterprise Startups


Overcome Challenges

Identify root causes behind market performance issues, including process, people, and resource challenges, and turn them into growth opportunities.


Take Swift and Effective Action

Prioritize and execute corrective action initiatives and investments to overcome challenges and capitalize on identified opportunities.


Access a Strong Global Network

Get connected to the right external resources to drive growth of your enterprise services, solutions, and products efficiently.

Don Drury

Don Drury

Senior Sales and Marketing Consultant

Marketing and sales is now all about precision, synchronization, and a deep understanding of customers. We help B2B leaders navigate this new terrain and build the capabilities needed to win."

Typical B2B Enterprise Sales and Marketing Use Cases

B2B enterprise startups have different needs at different phases of their journey. Here are a few commonly requested services that we fulfill.

Customer Needs

  • Adapt to fluctuating product demand due to recent economic changes and new competition
  • Understand how to respond with new products and capabilities
  • Leverage a remote or hybrid sales model to support customer’s buying patterns

People and Performance

  • Align marketing, sales, product development, and customer success teams
  • Review organizational structure
  • Attract, enable, and retain the talent needed to drive predictable and repeatable performance

Growth and Expansion

  • Minimize risk of potential mergers and acquisitions
  • Use existing customer data to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Build scale to your pipeline by replicating sales successes

Sales and Marketing Services for B2B Startups

Identify performance issues and optimize sales performance with best practice guidance and connections that focus on B2B enterprise startup needs.


Strategy, Planning, Execution, and Reporting

  • Go-to-Market strategy
  • Market segmentation and competitive positioning
  • Channel- and territory-specific launch planning
  • Regular performance reporting

Financial and Contractual

  • Review pricing and bundling of software, hardware, and services
  • Structure proposals and contracts
  • Review and recommend goals and KPIs to align marketing and sales performance

Execution and Management

  • Identify and connect with ideal customer profiles and buyer personas
  • Align sales, marketing, and product organizations to optimize performance
  • Review and optimize product/portfolio market fit
  • Review sales performance and address root-cause issues that are impacting revenue and profitability results


  • Recommend marketing campaigns and product launch programs based on prioritized segmentation
  • Establish, review, and optimize demand generation plans
  • Create content that aligns with the customer journey


  • Review the performance of existing sales channels and offer recommendations
  • Optimize resource alignment and outcomes
  • Support plans to expand to new territories, including EMEA and APAC
Ben Waller

Ben Waller

Co-Founder and VP of Product Marketing, CreateMe Technologies

As a startup in an emerging technology sector, we needed to get to market quickly and with confidence. OnTap brought a clear, proven launch framework that we immediately adopted and implemented across Product, Marketing, and Sales, freeing up our lean team for higher-value activities like market research and pilot projects. And unlike many partners, they took the time to understand the team and leadership dynamics unique to our company to effectively influence those stakeholders and adapt the GTM strategy to our needs."

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