David Cox

David cox

Managing Partner, Operations Consultant, and Executive Coaching Lead

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive Coaching
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain

As an operations consultant and executive coach for On Tap Consulting, David works with high-growth startups on everything from operations strategy, planning, and execution to entrepreneurial empowerment.

Offering Executive Consulting in Operations

Drawing on more than 25 years of operations leadership experience in high-growth tech start-ups and established companies, David has not only been instrumental in dozens of startup successes, but he has also witnessed the things that can go wrong and understands how to anticipate and avoid them.

David provides high-value and high-impact expertise that is often difficult for startups to access, and specializes in high-potential clients in the tech industry that have hardware product offerings.

“Helping clients strategically map out and build the optimal supply chain...one that mitigates risk, leverages best industry practices, and aligns with the start-up's objectives, is hugely rewarding.”

Supporting High-Performing Entrepreneurs

In addition to providing executive consulting services, David is an experienced Executive Coach.

For high-growth technology startup leaders, David’s coaching practice focuses on the entrepreneur and their specific needs. He meets them where they are in the startup journey, listens, and connects the dots to align with the client’s desired goals and outcomes.

Leveraging a proven coaching methodology and Kaiser Leadership Solutions’ Leadership Versatility Index, a 360-degree feedback tool, he has coached more than 50 senior leaders since 2019.

“I partner with senior leaders to identify high value-add leadership change opportunities and help them effectively move the needle to become better leaders with more optimal business outcomes.”

A History of Executive Leadership in Tech Companies

Prior to working with On Tap Consulting, Dave was:

  • Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations at Gigamon
  • Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations at Lytro
  • Senior Vice President of Operations at Blue Coat Systems, and
  • In leadership positions at Cisco, Quantum, and Pluris.

Dave attained his BA in International Relations from the University of California, Davis, and earned an MBA from Santa Clara University.

“Our methodologies and practices are making a difference, both professionally and personally.”

When tech entrepreneurs develop new skills and life patterns, they find they listen more, understand more, and build higher trust relationships.