John Backer

John Backer

Managing Partner, Operations Consultant

Areas of Expertise

  • Operations & Manufacturing Strategy
  • Operational Finance
  • New Product Introduction
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply and Demand Balancing
  • Contracts and Negotiations
  • Executive Coaching / Executive Advisor
  • Organizational Design

John Backer has over twenty-five years of experience at the executive level with hardware products and has accumulated in-depth practical experience in developing businesses, NPI, manufacturing operations, and financial strategies to use in accelerating the product time to market.

Leadership Development, Organizational Design, and People

John directs his focus towards the specific needs of the organization, the dynamics of the marketplace, and the individuals involved. He will guide you to develop and implement business and operational strategies that are clear in intent and purpose, tied to the necessary organization design, and include an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps of the existing team.

Formal coaching is available at the C-suite and senior executive level, accompanied by hands-on mentoring at any level of the organization. Both elements are keys to maximizing team performance.

The only common denominator is that successful businesses must make money. Your vision cannot be achieved without it.

With extensive experience across consumer electronics, medical devices, capital equipment, e-commerce, and food products, John offers a broad view of possibilities, common pitfalls, and most importantly, effective strategies that can propel your start-up to address its current business needs and flourish as as it evolves over time.

Operational Leadership

  • Founder/Owner of three companies

  • SVP/VP of Operations or Engineering
    • Medical device x2

    • Alternative energy x2

    • E-commerce companies x1

  • VP Finance & Human Resources

  • Surface Line Officer, US Navy