Mark Williams

Mark williams

Founder, Managing Partner, and Sales & Marketing Lead

Areas of Expertise

  • Sales & Channel Strategy
  • Retail Execution
  • Go-to-Market
  • Growing Revenue
  • Startups
  • Consumer Products

Mark Williams is an experienced sales consultant who helps startups build their go-to-market strategies and accelerate execution. His goal is to help consumer product startups achieve success quickly, with as few obstacles as possible.

Knowledge, Experience, Network

With more than 20 years of sales and marketing leadership experience launching consumer technology products at retail, Mark is well-positioned to bring new consumer products to market efficiently and effectively.

From wellness and climate tech to personal and productivity products, he has worked with a wide variety of startups to assess their retail opportunities, develop actionable strategies, and put the right teams in place to deliver results.

“I love helping my clients, their startups, and their investors win. I have a passion to help entrepreneurs succeed.”

Mark helps tech startups launch new consumer product brands commercially, and also optimizes retail sales performance of established consumer product brands.

An Extensive History of Bringing Consumer Technology to Market

Before serving as an advisor, mentor, investor, and acting head of sales for venture-backed consumer and hardware startups at On Tap, Mark led sales teams for nearly two decades.

A few highlights from his experience include:

  • Working with dozens of startups to build and execute their go-to-market plans, including at Oura, Eargo, Sense, Tile, Embark, reMarkable, SimpliSafe, Kinsa and more
  • Foundational career as VP of Sales for consumer technology startups that developed robotics, AI, and eReaders
  • Senior management at Cisco Consumer Products
  • Advisor to and LP in seed-focused hard tech venture funds
“High performing entrepreneurs put in so much effort to develop innovative, defensible consumer products. … I love leveraging my experience, knowledge, and network to help startups thrive.”

Need advice and guidance on new consumer product Sales and Channel Strategy, Marketing, or Strategy? Mark is here for you.