Rick Page

Rick page

Managing Partner, Executive Consultant

Areas of Expertise

  • Operations Management
  • Demand Fulfillment
  • Customer Success
  • New Product Introduction
  • Supply Chain
  • Contracts/Negotiations

A seasoned operations and supply chain leader, Rick Page advises CEOs and COOs in building out their operational capabilities, personnel, processes, and systems to meet the challenges of scale inherent to tech startups.

Advising the Tech Startup C-Suite on Operations

Rick works directly with executives as well as their suppliers and customers to build top-tier supply chains that deliver a superior customer experience in both the consumer and business markets. He also guides tech startups in improving product margins through effective cost management.

“Assisting startups to achieve launch velocity and building next-level Operations teams … that is what drives me.”

Rick’s 30 years of experience building and leading global teams for both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups enable him to provide well-rounded advice and guidance to his clients at On Tap. Specifically, his expertise centers on operations/supply chain management, supply chain design, manufacturing, demand fulfillment, new product introduction (NPI), and customer service operations.

Technology Leadership History

As an executive consultant for On Tap Consulting, Rick leverages his long-standing professional career at some of the largest and most well-known tech companies, including Apple. These include:

  • Acting VP of Operations and Head of Supply Chain at multiple technology startups
  • Senior Director at NetApp
  • Director of Supply Chain Management at Pure Digital Technologies/Cisco Systems
  • Senior Manager of Operations at Apple

For years, his focus has been on improving operations leadership, building strong teams, and achieving best-in-class performance.

When a tech startup needs to optimize its ability to meet demand and improve product margins, Rick helps make it happen.